“A fun and challenging contest!”


Participation to the contest is free. To participate as a pupil, your teacher must be registered with the contest and you must register with him/her. As a teacher, there are several ways to register:

  • Did you already participate to the (online) contest? Then, you can again participate to the contest without further registration, using your current credentials (you must of course register your school again and upload the list of your pupils).
  • Do you know a colleague who is already registered on the online Bebras platform? Then ask him/her to also register you online.
  • Otherwise, contact Sébastien Combéfis (sebastien.combefis@bebras.be) for Wallonia or Kris Coolsaet (kris.coolsaet@bebras.be) for Flanders. Preferably use an official email address from your school and attach a scan or picture of you official teacher card.
Bebras contest